Guess which beauty company stopped by Florida A&M?

BeautyBeat NYC, a quarterly subscription based makeup and beauty service catering to women of color, dropped by the highest of seven hills! Watch the video below.


You can learn more about the beauty-based company through my article with The FAMUAN

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Beauty Spotlight : Hairs 2 Beauty Hair Salon


Do you recall me rocking these long blonde tress in May? I had a chance to interview Linda Gillespie, the owner of Hairs2Beauty Salon and the stylist behind my new hair do.




K- Hi girls this is Kay with and I’m here with Linda Gillespie of Hairs2Beauty Hair Salon in Jacksonville,Florida. Hi Linda how are you?

L- Hi Kay I’m great how are you?

K- I’m doing wonderful, thank you for this opportunity. I actually have some questions from some of our readers on Facebook. Monika out of Jacksonville asked how long have you been doing hair?

L- Well to be honest I’ve been doing hair since I was 12. I started when my grandmother ask me to press her hair.

K- That’s a while

L- I know I’ve been doing hair every since

K-  I’m sure with you doing hair for a long time that you are experienced in different hair textures. What categories do you specialize in?

L- Weaves are my speciality but I can do everything relaxers, cuts and color. I really enjoy doing sew ins and color the most.

K- I can tell with the fabulous hair color you have in your hair. Stephanie out of Jacksonville asked what methods do you use for heat protection?

L-  I always use a heat protector. It’s very important to use a heat protector with any style using heat if not you can burn your hair

K- What brand so you use for heat protectant?

L- I use the Influance heat protectant. It’s my favorite kind.

K- Shantelle out of Jacksonville asked ” If you could share one hair tip what would it be”?

L- Everytime you shampoo, use a deep condition and rinse with cold water

K- Why cold water?

L- Warm or hot water opens your pores. Cold water seals conditioner into the hair shaft.

K- Well beauties that’s all we have for today. Make sure you check out Linda Gillespie at Hairs 2 Beauty Hair Salon on 5730 Bowden Road in Jacksonville,FL .

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Beauty Post: Skies the limit by Kiara Sky

Hello There Classy,

I hope your weekend was fantastic. I traveled to Jacksonville to visit family and friends. While I was there I stopped to my favorite nail salon for a fresh mani and pedi. A few post back  I took a photo of my nails and to my surprise I had a few comments from readers asking for the gel polish brand . Sadly, I had forgotten the name but I made it a mission to ask the nail tech this visit.  The name of this nail color is High Maintenance by Kiara Sky ( no wonder I like this brand the owner’s name is similar to mine) .


This time I decided to go for a powder blue Skies is the Limit ,  topped with a matte finish. Kiara Sky’s shellac polish last me 3-4 weeks, the gel is breathable so it allows my nails to grow without being as damaging as acrylic and most importantly there is hardly any chips, which is surprising because I’m super clumsy and tend to mess up my nails a lot. I would rate this polish a 10.5 on a scale of 1-10. & the nail color matches my favorite pair of jeans!


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