The Pretty Helpful Guide to Building Self-Confidence

Like many people, for a good majority of my life I battled major insecurities and crippling self-doubt. I avoided thinking about myself all together in order to evade my terrible thoughts of…

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You’re never too Young to Fight for what you Believe in.

Hello there Classy,

In celebration of Women’s History Month I attended a luncheon held by the Oasis Center for Women and Girls! I’m so thankful for my good girlfriend Brittney Geathers for inviting me! I was engaged, inspired and motivated by a great amount of amazing women.

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Brittney and I at the Oasis Women’s History Luncheon


While there I met two young leaders who are on the move!!! I was astonished listening to what both of these young ladies have accomplished. When I spoke with them

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Vision Disablity Lobbyist Paloma Rambana, her sister and I at the Oasis Center Luncheon

The picture on the left is me with Paloma Rambana, a 10-year-old lobbyist that advocates for children with vision disabilities. Little Paloma long days at the Capitol and hard work has secured $1 million dollars in funding for the vision impaired children in the 6 to 13 age group. The 10-year-old from Tallahassee was born with Peter’s Anomaly, a rare condition that causes an opacity in the corneas, leaving her legally blind.While Paloma parents make sure she’s able to have the right devices she needs to see, other children with her condition may not be as fortunate. Paloma has fought to make sure they are provided the same vision resources. To learn more about Paloma’s fight for vision equality click here 

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Casey Epstein-Gross and I at the Oasis Women’s History Luncheon

On my right is Casey Epstein-Gross a 8th grader who isn’t afraid to say she’s a feminist and activist. Casey is breaking barriers by making sure that girls and those of the LGBTQQ community are not secluded by in school. She has worked with school administrators to promote a fair dress code — one that does not place limitations on certain clothing for girls, such as leggings, because they pose a “distraction”.Find out more about Casey’s fight here 

Both of you girls rock and I’m so proud of the work you two have done! Keep fighting for what you believe in! While you may run into some obstacles don’t ever let anyone stop you for obtaining your goals!

Sorry for the wait!

Hi Lovies,

I apologize for being away for so long. I’ve been busy with school ( taking 5 classes this summer). I recently visited Jacksonville,FL (hometown) for Mother’s Day weekend. While I was there a fluke of fortunate events happened!


First, I got my hair done by Linda Gillespie at Hairs To Beauty Salon. I also had the opportunity of interviewing Linda about hair care.(Stay tuned for my interview with her)

You can check out Linda and her business on

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I entered an Instagram contest for Daily’s store and won 2-day V.I.P. pepsi tickets to the Funk Fest , a concert for soul and rnb which featured one of my favorite artist R.Kelly and my most loved group of all time 112. 

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Saturday morning I participated in Fashion on the Beach. An event featuring multiple Jacksonville models and photographers. I was invited by Jae Brown a photographer whom I worked with in 2011. This gave me the opportunity to network with other photographers. Check out the work!


photos by Mike G

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photos by Jeremi Brown


photos by Lamont

Random (Non-Edited) behind the scene shots taken by my friend, Stephanie.


I ended my weekend with two very important ladies, my mother and my grandmother. My mother and I joined my grandmother in church followed by a complete girls day.Women wear many hats. Daughter,sister and wife but no matter what she is or what she is doing, there is one hat she never takes off and that is the crown of motherhood. There is no hat or crown more glorious. Mommy without you I would not be the magnificent young lady I am today. Thank you for all of your creativity,intelligence and passion that flows through your blood onto your love for me.


Until next time Jacksonville

Noodle Markets

Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here! Why is it so hard to let things (& people) that have no positive meaning in your life go. In March, I decided to stop living according to plans that others have for my life and stop being afraid of using my past experiences to Empower other women. I‘m thankful for my past because of it I am the woman you see today, but I refuse to allow my past hurt,sorrows and lows to drag into my present.Don’t live your life based on what other people think, NO MORE BAG LADY!  Here’s a list of things you should toss out for good.

  • Throw away anything that saddens you. Why hold on to belongings of your ex best friend or boyfriend if it makes you cry each time you see it? Throw it out Girl, you will feel much better doing so.
  • Delete all “Soul Vampires” out of your life. A “Soul Vampire” is someone who doesn’t add anything to your being. Most likely this person is only hang around because they benefit from your success and energy.After talking with this friend/family member/boyfriend you feel emotionally and physically drained because they are sucking the happiness out of you. *Inserts Tag from Frozen* Let them go Sis!
  • Let go of your insecurities.  Insecurities are attempts for the devil * I refuse to capitalize his name because he’s a non-factor*  to block you from your being the best friend,daughter,student or entrepreneur God wants you to be. Don’t allow that non-factor to block your blessings. I’ve always been told “You have the gift of Gab ( meaning I could talk to or persuade anyone) and in many ways God has blessed me with ways to use my communication skills. I have always had opportunities to speak to large groups ( especially young women) and I enjoy it but I have always been afraid that I wouldn’t have the right words or knowledge to give to these young ladies. Over time, I have learned to put my fears and insecurities away with trusting in God and allowing him to order my steps. Remember that God sees the best in you and that he would not lead you astray. You are worth it doll, you are pretty enough, you are smart enough, who cares that you don’t have big boobies and a juicy booty. Love yourself because there is no one like you.
  • While you’re throwing out all of the other things discussed don’t forget right now is a great time to actually CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Donate or sell items you don’t utilize anymore. Many shelters, Salvation Army’s and Goodwill’s accept clothes, shoes,household goods… they literally accept everything (Just make sure your things are in good condition, you wouldn’t want to give someone dirty or smelly junk).Places like Plato’s Closet allow you to sell your clothes to them in exchange for cash.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and tips from life here.

Noodle Markets