I remember kayprincessmy third grade teacher, Ms Kotsis asked our class ” What do you want to be when you grow up?”. My response was Miss America! As a child I’ve always dreamt of competing in a pageant, but I lacked self-confidence. Luckily experience has sharpened my confidence and I decided to take a leap of faith to fulfill a dream. My dream came true in October 2015 when I was selected as Miss Black Florida US Ambassador through the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant Program.

What Does That Mean? 

July 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma the current Miss Black US Ambassador, Ebony Andrews, and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador, Mariah White, alongside the GE Institute Inc. will host 53 Teen and 53 Miss state ambassadors from ages 14-28. The pageant will showcase the most educated, talented, beautiful Ambassadors the United States has to offer, while participants enjoy exciting events that benefit the community.

What is the MBUSAM Pageant Program? 

The Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant LLC in partnership with the GE Institute Foundation Inc. exists to give a once in a lifetime opportunity for young African American women to IMG_6656 (1)serve as an ambassador of change and to encourage, empower and enlighten, communities states and nations. These young women are a rising voice in the community that seek to make a difference, by providing educational forums and events that focus on health disparities, poverty, violence and major issues plaguing the African American community. They are a role model not only to young African American women, but to women around the world. They partner with key political figures and national initiatives to bring support to their efforts and platforms. These young women are more than a pretty face, and the program is more than a competition. It’s a program that gives 365 days of support and resources to communities in need. The program is a platform for today’s savvy, smart and aware, young women of color to express their viewpoints, extraordinary talents and accomplishments to the national public, while offering scholarships opportunities to further education.

Why did I chose the MBUSAM Program?

I  chose The Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant because they differ from other pageant systems. MBUSAM is not based only on looks or talent, it praises African American young women who are striving for a social and economic change in their communities.

What’s next? 

I will be competing in July 2016 for the title of Miss Black US Ambassador. Becoming Miss Black US Ambassador will allow me to extend my duty as an advocate of change for African Americans. Most importantly I will be able to share my platform Classy,Sassy and Educated with others nationally.

Tell me more about your platform 

Classy,Sassy and Educated is an initiative I created to promote higher education with a focus on inner-city youth and teens. While I have spoken and read at schools in North Florida my goal is to travel throughout the state providing educational resources to children and teens in underprivileged areas.

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How can I help ? 

Great Question! You can help by donating on my GoFundMe Page.  Any amount, big or small, will help towards my journey of competing in the 2016 Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant. Also, if you or your business would like to sponsor me directly, please contact me ! If you are unable to donate at the time please share with your closest family members, coworkers and friends! If you are a business that works with at risk youth and teens let me know! We could partner together to provide a better future to next generation of leaders!



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